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Engineering & Design Services

This is usually the first stop for most projects; as we usually have to provide a set of drawings for all parties to understand the design intent and cost.  This is required for permitting also, we should note here that even a small interior project requires the following:

- Fire Marshall & Life Safety Plans

- ADA code compliance

- Existing space or site survey

- Demolition plans

- Ceiling plans, finish schedule, door schedule

- elevations

- Mechanical, Electrical & Plumbing drawings (MEP's)

Rendering Services

Most Owners as well as ourselves like to visualize their project. We do this in several methods as follows:

- 3D drawings (black & white) of the contract documents, this usually includes furniture & fixtures.

- preliminary color renderings (these are also 3D without the background of sky, people or cars.

- full photo realistic renderings (with all the background and foreground details), similar to the one here.

- full photo realistic rendering movies; this is a fly thru of your site in the form of a short 1-2 minute movie.

Full CD's (construction docs) permit drawings

This is a full construction document consisting of all the required plans for permit and construction, this is the best tool for finalizing all subcontractor, labor & material quotes.

These documents are usually 20-30 pages for a small project and go up to as much as 120 pages for a shopping center similar to the Buford Center (44,000 sq.ft. Retail Center).

Construction Services

The services provided by CM&B Commercial Designers are as follows:

- Ground up services, where we build a structure completely from the ground up (similar to Windy Hill Shops, Wendy's restaurant or Alex Automotive to name a few.

- Interior renovation, where we build-out a tenant space similar to the Rochell's Jewelry store and many others on our site.

Shopping Center Face Lift Program

This is where we sit down with the Owner / Developer and also listen to his marketing / leasing team and re-face the existing center. This usually helps a center increase revenue as well as increase it's occupancy rate. A few examples of these where the Farmer's Market (increased from single tenant to 90% occupied in less than a year and the Windy Hill Shopping Center with went from 45% to 90% & over the course of two years.

Construction Management

When owners either don't have the time or knowledge to manage a small to large commercial project we are called in to provide these services. We monitor quality, submittals, contract drawings, schedule and payout to the contractor and change orders. This service offers protection to Owner's from costly delays, cost over runs and sub standard quality, while the Owner continues on their path or forte.

Zoning Ordinances

Sometimes we submit plans that are in overlay areas in which we must comply with the overlay requirements; or in some cases we must as for a variance.  We also submit PUD plans, building plans that may require going thru a zoning ordinance approval process. 

In lieu of hiring someone that is not familiar with the project and it's strong & weak points; we have represented the Owner in many of cases with favorable rulings for our Owners.

Rezoning is taken on a case by case basis, contact us.

Landlord & Real Estate Services

This is tailor for the landlord that has a property and does not have the drawings for the space which is required for marketing the space. We conduct a survey in which we measure and catalog the space and produce a as-built PDF drawings (for FREE, with a commitment from the LL that we assist in negotiating with the potential tenant our design services).

We also provide once a tenant is in play a proposed floor plan and furniture/fixture plan for the tenant so all parties can understand the improvements and make sure the space is a good fit. This is usually provided at no cost to the tenant and is built into the cost of producing the tenant build-out drawings once the deal or lease is done.

Tenant Services

We are your protection for acquiring the most possible TI (tenant improvement funds). We also inspect your future space prior to lease signing to determine what the LL (landlord) should address on his cost prior to you taking the space. We negotiable access and storage also and assist in acquisition of your liquor license in need be.

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